Explained: 8K RTX GTA V REAL missions video series

What is special about this upcoming 8K GTA V video serie ?

You may already seen on my YouTube channel teaser for ‘GTA V REAL missions mods walkthrough’. You even probably found this article in description of that exact video. So what would be these series about ? Lets check it out. 

Total Realism

As mentioned in channel intro, my game is about total realism. When I say total, I mean it. If you read section about on gtareal club or original post on gta5-mods from time when I started project GTA V REAL, you know what I’m writing about.

If not I give you little recap. Graphic is combination of best graphic mods as Pascal’s Ray Tracing, Razed’s NaturalVision Evolved, PRSA ENB and many more. I will write separate topic with all details about graphic enhancements later.

Replacing every single model of vehicles and weapons. Replacing or at least retexturing most models of all the clothes, billboards, buildings and props. And have to mention other 2 details aswell. First are the names. Renaming all the places, brands of vehicles, weapons and buildings everywhere around the city. Second are sounds and fx effects. Oh, and I almost forgot one more pretty important thing which are animations and behavior on so many places including players animations and options.


Why is it special and different?

In last weeks I noticed after releasing beta version of NaturalVision Evolved that few people started doing modded missions videos. Let’s see how mine are different - read it as ‘bettter’, and what mistakes they made or or don’t care about.

All these videos named as ‘real mods’, ‘real traffic’ etc are just semi-real. Simplest of them have replaced just cars that player is driving. Other have changed even some traffic, but not all of them and I’m not mentioning things like buildings, clothes and props which are mostly vanilla in this videos.

Do you know why they don’t even replace some vehicles which look like main asset for exact missions as they are used in cutscenes or gameplay animations?

Answer is in the question — they are used in animations. Animations have set all details in different files, not in vehicle data files and lot of them you can’t even edit. From this reason you need perfect replace model for these vehicles to work properly in missions and animations. So in these videos you see them as vanilla (original), vanilla model with retextured brand emblem or some of them replaced but hell much glitched.

Look at the cars in the background - I changed every detail in my videos.

I don’t think now for example missing LOD, which we can often see aswell, but I mean really big glitches that everyone can see. For example peds sitting totally out of vehicle, camera going thru the vehicle or props and weapons totally out of hands. All of this are namely hardest things to replace properly.

And this is the biggest difference in my videos and as we know ‘details make the whole’ right? With all this details it will feel and look much, much different. By the way, for best experience while watching I decided don’t record gameplay with external program but first with Rockstar editor so things like minimap, speedometer, stats, tutorials and other things like car pilot lights would not cover anything in video and make it feel more like movie series than simple gameplay.


Goal of this walkthrough

If you are a bit experienced in modding and using a lot of mods together and at the same time you did read details about project GTA V REAL, you probably said yourself ‘this will not work’. To be honest, I would say the same if I wouldn’t know myself as good as I know.

Most common problem with this is disapearing or not loading textures and even some props or buildings. Reason seems to be overhelming game engine pool with a much bigger files as high poly models and 4K textures so it relent in textures. I hope and believe that this would be solved one day and will bring us a whole new opportunities in modding.

Just imagine playing this full realistic looking version with ultra graphic on VR. You wouldn’t need to go outside anymore. I’m just kidding, don’t be addicted on games please. But it don’t make my game useless, it just split it on 2 versions. You can read more about it in this post.

There goes my goal of these series, which is to show people, that I’m able to make it look on videos like I’m playing full modded version with all ultra graphic. Why ? Because of the reason why I started this project. I’m sorry but I will not tell you details about this reason yet. 

Only thing I can say for now is that I would need help with this project from some of you GTA V enthusiasts. Check out in FAQ section, what experiences people I’m looking for and you may get hints what it’s about. What I can uncover now is that it will bring a whole new experience and options for cinematic creators.