Why my GTA V have 2 versions ?

Keep it Ultra real or keep smooth gameplay ?

When speaking about my game, it’s always all about the fact I keep all as much realistic as possible including high resolution textures and high poly models. This is the fact that I will mention many times in future articles and it’s mostly causing all problems I ever had in my game.

Cherry blossom and palm trees on dayli sunlight.

Biggest of these problems which seems it can’t be solved yet is disapearing or not loading textures and models. Mostly it’s happening because overhelming game engine pool. I believe we can solve this one day, but until that time I will have 2 versions of game.

I don’t know how you will see this but for me it’s not such a big deal as I learned how to work with it thanks to many tricks about how whole game works. Anyway, if my game would be one day released for y’all it would be problem for you as user so I managed how to keep 2 versions of game easily.

Lets look at these versions more closely. First version is meant for gameplay and roleplay. This version is lets call it ‘full version’ of my project. All mods would be used there, but sadly, you would not be able to enjoy it in 4K or 8K sphere. As the game engine seems to be set to use maximum 8 GB of your RAM memory, it doesn’t matter if you have 16 or 32 GB RAM as me, game will not use it in full power.

It’s sad that graphic card itself can’t help loading all 4K textures with pool full of high-poly vehicles and weapons and I think using more RAM could help it. But positive side of it is, mostly roleplay is never played on ultra graphic with mods for enhanced graphic anyway. 

That’s the thing how this version work. You just have to put your ego down a bit and lower the graphic settings even that you have high end PC, to be able play without disapearing textures. As mentioned, it’s not problem of your PC but problem of games engine or whatever limit the game into this point.

With all that mods for graphic as Ray Tracing and NaturalVision Evolved, it would still look much better than vanilla game on lower settings so you don’t have to worry much about it. You have lower textures, not lights, shadows and reflection settings! You would fall in love with all that new models with improved game system and AI.

Palm three with city in the day sunlight

That’s it for roleplay video creators and pure gameplay. Lets move to ultra realistic graphic and cinematic videos. This is main focusof second version of my game, and even of whole this project. To fully enjoy RTX and NVE in ultra 4K graphic we need to get rid of all that high size models. We keep just buildings, ads, roads, vegetation etc. Simply, just no hundreds of vehicles and weapons models. So world will still keep pretty realistic.

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One way to do it is using trainer and turn of all peds, vehicles and remove all your weapons as they are loaded even when you don’t equip them, but have them just in your invetory. This don’t fix it 100% as game lot of time load the models and then just delete them before showing it ont he screen. So I prepared better way. 

You can simply turn off all vehicles, weapons, player clothes and random peds, what means no streamed peds as they are replaced in their exact location, but these peds don’t spawn in traffic anyway so it’s ok.

You can of course turn on any of them or use any other addon that you like with no problem. Using addon is even better way to use vehicles for your videos in 4K. What you have to care about is just keep vanilla traffic to avoid overhelming pool so without editing other files your addon will not spawn in traffic. Spawning it once or twice for your video is totally ok for gamepool to enjoy ultra graphic. You just don’t want hundreds of high models spawning all around you.

More about exact mods used for better graphic will be in another article. To see examples of the graphic visit my YouTube and don’t forgot subscribe and ring the bell to don’t miss any new video.